Locate your mobile workforce anywhere in SA in seconds ...   Now you can locate your loved ones anytime ...

With Cellfind Corporate you can locate your mobile workforce any time of the working day without interrupting their activities. Cellfind Corporate uses MTN's cellular network to locate a cell phone or a GSM modem.

As the service requires no extra hardware and is easy to deploy, it enables you to manage your workforce at a fraction of the cost of most GPS tracking systems.

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MTN WhereRU allows you to locate a MTN cell phone number via your cell phone or the Internet, provided the user consents by granting location rights to you. The service is available 24hrs a day and does not require any additional software.

MTN WhereRU can now be used by both Contract and Pre-paid MTN Customers (Both to be located and to locate other cell phones).

A panic button that anyone can afford ...   Keep track of your valuable assets ...

MTN 2MyAid is a service that allows MTN Customers to trigger an SMS alert containing their location to four pre-specified cell numbers in emergency situations.

Your cell phone becomes a mobile panic button when you save the number *120*911*911# as a speed dial. The recipients of the distress message and location information can then try to contact you, physically come to your rescue or contact an emergency service.

To register dial *120*911*Help# or visit



Cellfind Assets allows companies to track movable assets such as vehicles, containers, courier packages and public payphones, provided the asset has a GSM modem and SIM card installed. This has proven to be an extremely popular service as it provides a very reasonable and robust means of locating assets on an exception basis and is compliant with South African privacy legislation.

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